Going Back to School

When my youngest was in Kindergarten, I started wondering what I was going to all day when my four children were in school. Until that point I had been mainly a stay-at-home mom with the occasional very part-time job to help make ends meet. After discarding ideas like lying in bed and eating bonbons (or Reeces Peanut Butter Cups), I realized I wanted a career outside of the home.

I kicked some ideas around, but finally felt confident that I wanted to be an accountant. I’d taken a few classes in college when I got my undergraduate degree. They were challenging, but I enjoyed them. My plan was to retake a few accounting classes at the community college near my home then get a job.

I contacted the accounting department and told them my situation. The instructor gave me a list of classes to take and off I went to register for my very first class. I have to say that I felt out of place. It felt weird to walk around a campus after so many years. I registered for one accounting class and went home. Baby steps.

My kids were so cute about my going back to school. My first day started the middle of September. Three of my kids were already at school, but my second oldest hadn’t left yet. I grabbed my new backpack filled with pens, pencils and paper. As I walked out the door, my daughter stood at the top of the stairs like I always did when they left for school and called out, “Make good choices!”

I could tell it would be a good day.

My youngest modeling my backpack. I considered cutting and pasting a picture of it from the web. I laughed when I found mine. It's called 'Classic Student'. Yep, that pretty much describes me.

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