Anarchy on the Farm

"I'm innocent, I tell you!"

Despite what Montana would have you believe, the following account is true. Since my daughter was babysitting last night,  Hubby went to bring Montana in for the evening. He was gone for awhile. Apparently, our new horse didn’t particularly feel like going to the barn just yet. In fact, when he was approached with his halter and lead, he took off running. He does this a bit when my daughter goes to bring him in, but then he comes back to her. My husband wasn’t having the same kind of luck.

During the game of Tag or Keep Away, Montana ran over the chicken wire enclosure and flattened the side. I wanted to get a picture, but Hubby decided it was safest to just take it all down. So here’s a before picture.

To be fair, it was starting to sag anyway, and I’d been meaning to ask Hubby to shore it up. Oh well.

(When I was taking the above picture, this lone chicken in the yard came over for a closeup, so I humored her and snapped a picture.)

"What! You were taking a photo? I didn't even notice."

I thought maybe Montana was just used to a girl taking care of him since his previous owner was an 18 year old girl, so I put on my boots, grabbed a flashlight and headed out. At some point I asked myself what I thought I was going to accomplish. It’s pitch black outside, and I have to scan the property with my flashlight to even find him. Nothing like stumbling around in the dark. And I’ve never even put a halter on a horse. I watched my daughter do it and she made it look easy. Not so easy when you’re holding a flashlight under your armpit and the horse is sweetly backing away from you. I soon realized the futility of the situation, went inside and texted my 12 year old daughter that she would have to bring her horse in later.

Hubby went out again later. After chatting it up awhile with Montana, he was able to get the halter on Montana and get him settled in the barn. As a side note, my daughter went to get him tonight and had no problem. I guess my husband and I know where we rate with the new horse.


One thought on “Anarchy on the Farm

  1. haha this sounds exactly like one of my horses. You can walk right up to him before he suddenly turns away. He’ll keep doing it until finally he gets fed up and runs as far away as possible. Pretty much the only thing you can do is leave him alone for awhile and try again. Or bribery – my horses LOVE winter-green life savers…

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