The Pioneer Woman on Food Network

The Pioneer Woman was one of the first blogs I started reading when I learned what a blog was last Spring. (Yes, I’m that out of it.) Since then I’ve been hooked. What I have never done, though, is watched her new show on Food Network. Maybe it’s because I don’t watch much TV. I was just checking out her blog and remembered Season 2 has started. Perfect. I’ll just sleep in as usual then mosey on down in my jamies (which lately consists of yoga pants and my husband’s T-shirt).

Not so perfect. Since I live in Oregon, her show airs promptly at 7 am. What?! It’s Saturday for goodness sake! But wait…I have DVR. Because I’m so technologically challenged, I asked my older daughter for help. Can you believe she had the nerve to sigh loudly at me? Seriously. She acted so pained and put out. As if this kind of thing happens all the time. As if she’s already shown me one hundred times how to use the TV remote and can’t understand why I don’t remember what she said last time. Despite the inconvenience I inflicted upon her, she gave instructions on how to record my show so I can get my much needed beauty rest.

I really hope it works. Maybe I should get up at 7:00 just in case.


2 thoughts on “The Pioneer Woman on Food Network

  1. I love this I have never thought about starting a blog, but I guess that would be a great way for the family to keep up with the babies as they grow. I love the ideas about cooking and hearing about the family.

    • Last year I started another blog with the intention of chronicling our family. I started it on Blogger, but haven’t used it much lately. I plan to start another family blog on WordPress that will be a private blog. Not everyone here wants to be on a public blog, so I can put more detail on the other one. I’ll let you know when it’s all set up.

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