Honey Wheat Bread

Something about moving to this cute farmhouse has brought out the Molly Homemaker in me. I felt compelled to make bread the last few days. I’ve only made bread once before, but it wasn’t memorable. Recently, though, my mom dropped by with her Kitchen Aid mixer. She lives in an apartment and finally decided she didn’t need it much anymore. But here’s the deal. She’s not giving it to me. It’s on loan. Whatever makes her feel better. I think we both know that the last time she didn’t give something to me (her Bernina sewing machine comes to mind), I kept it for 10 years. I only gave it back because I bought a cooler one.

Anyway, back to the Kitchen Aid. Since it comes with a dough hook, I knew I wouldn’t have to do any kneading. That’s the part I like the least. I found a recipe using good old allrecipes.com. My sister was visiting and practically held my hand. I got worried when the dough began to wrap itself around the hook. It looked like it was going to make a run for it. At one point the top of the mixer started bouncing around, and I started freaking a little. My 12 year old daughter snorted with disgust and pulled the locking lever. I was wondering what that was for.

Long story short, the dough rose, was punched (I liked that part), shaped into loaves, rose again, and was baked. I’m telling you, I’ve never been so proud.

Here’s a picture artfully photographed using my iPhone. You’ll notice the dirty pot in the background.

That hole in the end was an air bubble that someone had fun poking in.

The link to the recipe is here. The only thing I did differently the second time I made this bread was to use 1 1/2 tsp. salt instead of just 1 tsp. The first time, the bread seemed just a touch bland. My family loves this bread. A loaf gets eaten in one day.

Looky! I staged my bread!

As a side note, the second time I made this recipe was this morning at 4:30 am because I woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep. It made me wonder if there was a farmer’s wife who ever lived in this house and got up at the crack of dawn to make bread on a regular basis. And she wouldn’t have had a Kitchen Aid!!  One more reason to be grateful for the comfortable life I lead.


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