Accidents in the Kitchen

While making chicken noodle soup this evening, a sudden memory flooded back to me of  my first year of marriage. About 10 minutes later,I burned my pinky pulling a pan of cornbread out of the oven. All of this detail to lead into my story.

When I got married, I had never done any cooking. Baking, yes. Cooking, no. I don’t even remember what I was trying to make for dinner, but I  needed cooked chicken. The only problem was that I had no idea how to cook it. I figured I could just boil it so I got out my new copper bottom Revere Ware pot, filled it with water, plopped in a couple of chicken thighs, and turned on the gas.

It had been a pretty tiring day at school, so I decided to take a little rest on the couch while the chicken boiled. As luck would have it I took a full on nap. I’m sure it was the smoke that woke me up. The apartment was filled with CHOKING smoke. I had no idea smoke could be so painful to breath. I tried to hold my breath and ran to the kitchen. The smoke burned my eyes. In my blinded state I desperately grabbed for the pot. I managed to turn the burner off, but in my haste I flailed around and knocked over the crock pot full of water that had been soaking from dinner the night before.

I ran out of the apartment and over to my crazy neighbor. She really was nutty – saw ghosts and stuff. Her son came over and braved the smoke to help me open windows. Our place smelled awful! My husband was met with an open front door and leftover smoke when he came home later that evening from a test.

I just asked him what he remembered from that fateful day. He said he had mixed feelings. On one hand he thought it was kind of cute. You know – newlywed wife tries to cook and all that. On the other hand…OH MY GOSH!!

When the smoke cleared enough, we went into the kitchen to determine the damage. The water had completely boiled out of the pot and cooked dry until there were just a couple of charred bones FUSED to the bottom. I kid you not. We turned the pot over and the copper had completely burned/melted off. I didn’t even know that was possible. The carpeted floor had soaked up all the filthy, crock pot water. “sigh”

The carpet was later cleaned. The apartment eventually aired out. And I received a new pot for my first Christmas gift.

P.S. After 25 years of marriage, I’m on my third Revere Ware pot.

2 thoughts on “Accidents in the Kitchen

  1. Haha………..I remember coming to your house that first year. You were making stew, and were seasoning meat in a paper bag. I never saw the end product. How did it turn out?? Wondering now………hahaha

    • The stew turned out great. That was actually what had been made in the crockpot related to this story. I’ve gotten better at cooking over the years, but I still don’t enjoy it. I get distracted easily, and…well, you see what happens. 🙂

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