Farm Fresh Eggs

Now that we’re getting more sun, the chickens have started laying more. We’ve managed to collect quite a few.

My husband and I sell eggs to coworkers. We give eggs to our daughter’s horse trainer and family.

I’ve even blown a few.

I think it’s time to do some baking. Cake anyone?


5 thoughts on “Farm Fresh Eggs

  1. Isn’t that a pretty sight! Are there some green ones I see in there? I have one Americauna, love her green eggs. Isn’t it fun to know what hen is laying the eggs? I love giving eggs to people and watch their eyes politely glaze over as I tell them which hen each of their eggs came from!

    • I love the green ones, too. When I first started selling eggs to a coworker and gave him a green egg, he looked like I was trying to poison him. It’s funny because Portlanders are so into their healthy, natural food but give them a real farm egg or tell them your husband had to kill a sick chicken, and some turn a little green.

    • We bought our chicks last spring so this is the time of year to get them. They’re easy to take care of and lots of fun, especially for kids. Some breeds of chickens are friendlier than others so ask at the feed store if you want your kids to carry them around like pets. I have a coworker who lives in town and has 3 chickens, so I don’t even think you need a lot of space.

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