It’s raining here in Oregon as usual. All that rain causes this phenomenon. Moss.

It grows on everything. The ground. The curb.

On any and all parts of the trees.

We received the bird feeder as a gift from our real estate agent when we bought this house. No moss yet. All in due time.

The pathway to the front porch. I think it looks kinda cool.

Even the grass has a ton of moss in it.

They say that if you stand still too long in Oregon you’ll grow moss. I think I’ve proved that statement to be oh so true.


4 thoughts on “Moss

  1. Great pictures and really interesting! Does it go away if the sun shines on it for a few days? Or does that ever happen in Oregon! It is so cool to learn about other areas of the big, beautiful United States. I’ve only visited Portland and found it beautiful.

    • Moss never goes away. It may dry up in the summer and turn kind of brown, but greens up when it starts raining again. I’ve really noticed the moss this year because our home is older and has had time grow it. We are renting our old house, and when we would drive back and forth to work on it, it could be raining here and warm and sunny at the old house. They’re only a couple of miles apart. Weird.

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