And Now We Have Goats

I’m starting to be amazed at how many times I’ve said “No Way” to something and later find myself knee deep in it. Never mind that when my husband suggested that we get a goat a year ago, I was emphatically against the idea. But now our horse, Montana, is lonely and needs a friend, so guess who suggested we needed a goat? Yep, that would be me.

I thought one goat would be sufficient, but my husband worried that maybe the horse and goat wouldn’t make friends and then the goat would be lonely. Getting ridiculous, you say? Anyway, they are a Boer/Nubian mix. The mommy, Zuli, is three years old and her daughter, Aquamarine, is one.

They will be well loved, at least.

It looks like Zuli is kissing her daughter. How sweet.

My darling farmers. Oh, how I love them!


5 thoughts on “And Now We Have Goats

  1. Awesome! That’s how it happens on a farm…. one thing leads to another. I’m a little interested in Boer goats, but haven’t taken the plunge yet… I’ll learn thru your blogs! 😉

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