A Tea Cozy

It’s funny when you spend six to eight hours a day with a coworker, you start to notice the little things that make them unique and interesting. Some people start their day with a cup of coffee.  My coworker, “T”, sits day after day with a pint size mason jar filled with tea and milk. I’ve never heard of anyone drinking that particular concoction.

A few weeks ago when we probably should have been working, another coworker started good naturedly ribbing T about his odd drinking mug. T was unapologetic and pointed out the superior traits of his mason jar over a Starbucks travel mug. For example, you can put a screw top lid on it, and it doesn’t leak if the jar gets knocked over. T had to concede that his tea jar has one major drawback; it gets hot!

The day the jar debate occurred, I happened to be wearing a scarf I had knitted. I was joking around and wrapped the end of my scarf around the jar.

All you need is a jar cozy, T. I’ll just knit you one. 

To complete the joke, I used some leftover gray yarn from my son’s scarf and created a little mason jar sweater. I gave it to T today wrapped around a jar from my mom’s canning stash. T insists he’s going to use it.

Hmmm….maybe I should make T a shawl or something next. 🙂


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