Work Home Balance

I started this blog in part to talk about the transition I continue to make from staying at home with my children to working outside the home. The farm and country part of my family’s life has been so interesting to me lately that I’ve focused on that instead. (And it’s fun to take pictures of it, too.)

This past week has brought me up short and caused me to take a closer look at my priorities. Even though I decided from the outset of married life to be a homemaker, I haven’t liked every responsibility that came with it. I really don’t like making dinner night after night. I don’t like meal planning or grocery shopping . I don’t like cleaning the bathroom. I get tired of getting my kids to do things and being the ‘heavy’. So last week I didn’t do any of those things.

There were doctor and orthodontist appointments for my kids which which meant juggling my work schedule and getting home at 8:00 pm a couple of nights. I didn’t make dinner all week and so everyone had to make their own. (My kids still at home range from 12 to 18 so it’s not like I starved toddlers or anything, but still…). I ate whatever was quickest and easiest which was a few bowls of Corn Pops one night. My house was dirty from dogs and muddy boots. The sink was piled high with dishes since I didn’t make anyone do anything. How about clean underwear? Nope.

By Sunday morning I felt like crap – physically and emotionally. In tears, I told my husband I felt like a failure. I mentioned that maybe I should quit working so I would have time to do the things that make life run smoothly. My good husband reminded me that taking care of a family is a joint effort. Later, we sat down together and made some priorities. We made a meal plan for the week – a job that neither of us likes. We decided I would be the organizer and planner and my husband would be the enforcer (not as bad as it sounds). We sat the kids down at the table and discussed our new family strategy.  My husband was fun and joked around as he laid out expectations, and I wrapped up with a couple of charts. (I can’t help myself. I’m an accountant and love a certain amount of structure. My kids are so used to it that I got teased a little.)

I’ll add some posts later about the specific changes we are all trying to make. Wish me luck!


6 thoughts on “Work Home Balance

  1. I have weeks when I feel like a total success. I’ve made meals ahead of time, I have the house clean (kinda more rare) and the kids are happy. I however am exhausted those weeks. When everyone gets sick, well, the house tends to go to pot and I feel like a failure too. I’m impressed with your family meeting. Now comes the hard part, the upkeep on that one.

  2. I think I see a trend none of love to be thee cook and cleaner all of the time. I think I hate being in charge of getting all of the lunches and baby bags ready the night before when I am exhausted, but if I don’t then I will be late to work. Then on top of it I have to come up with new and exciting ideas for cooking that will help me lose weight. I found one thing that helps making a meal that lasts for lunch the next day and dinner. I am blessed with a husband who does not complain about the same food. If he did I would probably stop cooking so he knows better. Plus I have to balance american meals and mexican meals which can include much more cooking. I have a daughter who can dirty a whole aprtment by her self in five minutes there are toys from one end to the other and when I tell her to clean she runs to the couch and says, “I’m exhausted” I don’t know where she got that phrase. It make me laugh. I hate house cleaning.

  3. I found the best stress releaver, I went to You Tube and found my favorite 80’s song with Kareoke and sang at the top of my lungs everyone else hated it but I loved it I laughed at my self so hard. My daughter came and sat on my lap while I sang and she actually fell alseep while I belted out Lost in love by Air Supply (I mean loud too). That was fun and made me laugh and lowered my stress level for a few moments at least.

  4. Love your post! I think all all over the world, women are having the same sort of issues! In fact I’ve just started writing my first blog about this very issue… Just this morning I was talking to my partner, Graham, about housework! We were wondering how everyone else finds the time to fit it in! Neither of us like doing housework, but we don’t like an untidy house either. And so much else we’d rather be doing (like reading blogs)! The first solution was when we lotto, we’re gonna get a cleaner and a gardener lol. So I’ve been doing some research – and thinking about setting priorities and identifying time wasters. I’ve followed your blog, so looking forward to how you get on!

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