Grab and Go

I have been noticing lately how something as basic as food can make such a huge difference in my family’s life. As I mentioned in my last post, the lack of nutritious meals the week before really took it’s toll on me physically. I also noticed a lack of peace in my home. I spent time last Saturday taking an honest look at how I like to eat and how much effort I want to put into it.

This is what I finally realized. I’m a ‘grab and go’ eater. I try to pack a lunch to take to work, but I noticed that I’m the most successful when I can just grab items from the refrigerator or cupboard, toss them in a bag, and go to work. I also noticed that I have definite times when I’m hungry, and if there’s nothing easy and nutritious available, I’ll eat whatever is handiest. If that means leftover Girl Scout cookies at the office, so be it.

This past week I focused on preparing lunch and snack foods in advance for the week. I bought a couple of Rubbermaid food storage sets on sale at Fred Meyer and was ready to start cooking on Sunday afternoon. Here are some of the foods I made:

Yogurt Smoothies – made a double batch; frozen in serving size containers

Grilled chicken – sliced what was leftover from dinner and frozen in serving sizes

Grilled sirloin steak – sliced in serving sizes and frozen

Whole almonds – divided into serving sizes

I bought a lot of fruit, too.

The verdict? I ate much less junk. I was able to toss food into my lunch bag without too much thought. A couple of times for dinner we had what I call Random. It’s my lame way of turning “I didn’t make dinner :(” into “Everyone gets to make whatever they want tonight! :)”. It works fine as long as I only do it about once a week. Anyway, for my Random dinner I was able to simply grab some cooked, sliced meat from the freezer, thaw it out for two minutes, and eat. Add some fresh fruit and I was good to go. Not ideal, but better than eating five bowls of Corn Pops.

The meal plan my husband and I made worked out well, too. With a house full of teenagers, it’s difficult to get everyone in the same room at the same time, but we had dinner together a few times together last week. That’s a big improvement for us.

Baby steps.


3 thoughts on “Grab and Go

  1. Food makes a HUGE difference in how I feel. Glad you found a way to work around it. I did soup for a while, but now I’m finding that if I have my “fibro smoothies” formulated specifically for people with fibromyalgia, then I do better.

  2. I found that if I pack my lunch the night before then it is ready to go and that works best. I always make more then we need when I cook so it is their when needed and we usually eat it the next day for lunch, I have to put it away any way so I put it in containers for lunch. Putting snack food in a bag is a great idea so I don’t eat too much of them and defeat the purpose.

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