A Broody Hen

We have a hen that was given to us that I have affectionately named Miss Bianca. She’s a funny little Silky with a poof on her head that reminds me of Miss Biana’s hat in the animated movie,The Rescuers.

Lately, all she does is sit in the nesting boxes. I had to lift her out so I could put clean straw in the boxes, but when I was done, she immediately set about gathering the eggs under again.

Those are golf balls on the side. We put them in the boxes back when the chickens were just old enought to lay to encourage them. I don't know if it really worked, but they did lay eventually.



She doesn’t care that none of these eggs were laid by her.


When I collected all the eggs, she kept looking and looking for them. Poor thing.

At least the other girls lay new eggs every day for her to love.


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