Goat Update

The goats are settling in and getting to know the other animals. They are perfectly content around our horse, but very cautious with the dogs. When we first brought them home, the dogs were, of course, very curious. Poor Ella, our Golden Retriever always gets blindsided. Her gentle investigation was met with a powerful ‘GO AWAY’ from Zuli the mama goat that sent her rolling across the barn floor.

Abby tried to cautiously meet Aqua, Zuli’s daughter, nose to nose. I thought for a moment that Aqua’s curiosity would win and they would be friends, but instinct prevailed in the end. Abby was butted in the face and came back snarling and snapping. Abby got yelled at by my husband (which never happens) and ran off to lick her wounds, so to speak.

If I’m hanging around the goats, the dogs will come by to investigate sometimes, but I usually send them away so I don’t end up as the casualty between the goat/dog rivalry. Zuli is a very protective mama.


One thought on “Goat Update

  1. Thanks for stopping by The Cozy Old Farmhouse and taking the time to comment on my master bedroom makeover. I tried to reply to you via e-mail but you have our settings as a no-reply blogger, changing that will allow for more feedback and interaction with other bloggers. Just a little friendly tip. : )

    Anyways, you asked about the bed. I went back and looked at the pictures after you asked if it had a red tint to it and I think mostly it’s just the way the pictures make it look. It’s sort of a dark mahogany and all the red probably picks up red undertones, but usually it doesn’t look so red.

    I perused over your blog and bookmarked you so I can come back and read again later. I’m a farm girl at heart and dream of having that life someday. So anytime I find a blog that shares tidbits from that kind of life, I enjoy reading about it.

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