Motorcycle Ride

Sometimes all it takes to relax is letting the wind blow in your hair. For me this meant driving 60 miles an hour in my minivan with the windows down today. Not exactly the picture of cool, but I knew my husband would be arriving home soon on his Harley-Davidson Sportster. Then we could go for a real ride!

I haven’t ridden with him in about 3 years due to due a pot hole that crammed my spine together and warranted a visit to the chiropractor. Personally, I think his bike is made for a 100 pound, twenty-something passenger with a skinny, little butt. Definitely not me anymore, but I just had to experience the wind rushing by.

So…I donned my helmet and grabbed a camera. (The photos are in order taken while my husband drove.)

I LOVE barns.
These curves…
…always make me a little nervous.

No, Officer. We weren’t speeding.

This picture is a little blurry, but if you look closely, you can see the grass airstrip. Pretty cool.

The ride was great and my backside has recovered. Thanks, honey!


7 thoughts on “Motorcycle Ride

  1. I don’t know how you did not drop the camera! I sure would have. I LOVE the pictures. BEEEautiful!

    • I wish I knew how to personalize my blog better. Blogger is easier to use and gives you more free options, but one of my favorite bloggers switched to WordPress so I thought I’d start here.

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