Keep Portland Weird

One of the unexpected perks of commuting to Portland for work has been getting out of my own neighborhood and town and having new experiences. I love downtown Portland, its older neighborhoods, and diverse people. Portland definitely has personality. This bumper sticker sums up many people’s idea of Portland.

Weird can be fine, but sometimes it’s a little much. For instance, I left work in the middle of the day for a doctor appointment. Up ahead I noticed two people chatting. Nothing memorable until I drove past them. There’s nothing quite like glancing to your right and looking right at someone’s bare butt as they bend over. REALLY?!!  I was so shocked that all I could do was laugh out loud in disbelief then immediately break the law by calling my husband on my cell phone while driving to tell him.

The only problem with sharing this experience with my husband is that he is a police officer. I didn’t get the reaction I was looking for. He sees that and more all of the time.

I think I should call one of my girlfriends instead.


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