The Kitten Series: Two Weeks Old

Watching our kittens is fascinating. I’m amazed at how fast they are growing.




“Don’t you just want to kiss me?”

Caught in the Act

This has got to stop!!

(See my Ugh! Slug! post for further clarification if you’re new to my gardening trials.)

How shall I do the deed. All natural?

Or chemical? Hmmmm…….

I’ve heard that beer works. Pour it into a shallow dish and the slugs are attracted and drown. My husband is going to the store right now so I just asked him to pick up a beer. That’s actually an unusual request since neither of us drink. My son overheard and was seriously confused. Oh, how I love playing mind games on my children.


Ugh! Slug!

I have a great bed behind the house that was full of mint last year. I cleared it out and decided to plant my favorite flower, Gerbera Daisies. I just love them. Apparently, so do the slugs.  

The slugs like the petals as much as the leaves.


The amazing thing about this photo (to me, at least) is that I didn’t even notice the slug trails until I looked at the photo on my computer.

I also planted some herbs in the bed. I pictured luxurious, full herbs within easy reach of the kitchen. The slugs figured I opened a new restaurant.

They really like Basil.

Poor, little flower. Just waiting for the slug of death to arrive.

Laundry Hamper

I used to sew clothes for my girls when they were little. When they were babies, they wore whatever I made of course. Then they got old enough to choose their patterns and fabric. It was so fun until I finished the outfits and they decided they didn’t like them after all. Grrrr!

Nowadays, I sew for inanimate objects. The window never complains that the curtain is too short. The table never whines that the tablecloth makes its legs look fat.

My latest project is a basket liner. I found a basket in the garage to use as my hamper, but my clothes kept getting snagged on the inside. I’ve been kicking the idea around of making drop cloth slipcovers, so I already had a drop cloth bleached and washed for my fabric.

Basically, I measured that bottom of the basket and added 1/2 inch seam allowances on each side. I did the same thing for the sides.

The nice thing about this project, is that it doesn’t have to fit perfect. Who’s ever going to see it? Mine turned out a little big, but that has worked out well. The liner doesn’t fall into the basket when I throw clothes in it.

The drop cloth is pretty ravelly (is that a word), so I serged the seam together.

Originally, I thought I’d tie the flaps together at the corners, but the handle required that I make the side flap narrow. It works just fine the way it is, though.

Here’s a closeup of how the pieces fit together. Because the basket didn’t have sharp, perpendicular corners, seams just end up wherever. It’s all good.

The liner was just too boring, so I added this embroidery stitch available on my sewing machine.

There she is. Seems a shame to throw my dirty undies in it.