Caught in the Act

This has got to stop!!

(See my Ugh! Slug! post for further clarification if you’re new to my gardening trials.)

How shall I do the deed. All natural?

Or chemical? Hmmmm…….

I’ve heard that beer works. Pour it into a shallow dish and the slugs are attracted and drown. My husband is going to the store right now so I just asked him to pick up a beer. That’s actually an unusual request since neither of us drink. My son overheard and was seriously confused. Oh, how I love playing mind games on my children.



6 thoughts on “Caught in the Act

    • Well, I certainly have lots of eggshells. Maybe that would keep the cat out too. Oh no! I just thought of something. What if I use beer and the cat drinks it?! I’d better use eggshells for sure.

  1. There are many things that I miss about Oregon like the family and the ocean, but I do not miss the slugs or the huge amount of worms that come out when it rained. It rains here but I very rarely see a worm on the side walk. I remember dodging the worms on my way to the bus stop after the rain or should I say in between the rain.

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