A Trip to the Feed Store

I’ve driven by the feed store many times, but never bothered to go inside until we moved to our little homestead. Now my youngest daughter wears cowboy boots and loves to drop by. Once I learned that feed stores carry more than animal food I was interested. Last week I was informed that we MUST buy fly spray. As in immediately. (Does everyone know what fly spray is? Pretty much bug spray for animals.) Anyway, I’m always looking for a way to get out of housework, so off we went.

Here is just a sampling of items you can purchase while your daughter runs off to check out baby chicks and bunnies.



On sale! 40% off clearance! Pat on the back for me!

 Doesn’t everyone need a John Deere glass? (I bought this for a friend who is a JD fan.)

Next, we have Amish Country blue popcorn. Popcorn is popcorn, you say? Au contraire! This stuff is bright white and tender. I didn’t know popcorn doesn’t have to be chewy and tough.

And last but not least, a salve that is guaranteed to heal cracked and split fingers. I’m telling you. There was a picture next to the display that looked exactly like my husbands’ hands in the winter, and I was sold. Hope it really works since I presented it to my man like I’d bought him a birthday present. (Which I never got around to this year so maybe it is a birthday gift.)

Hopefully your days are more thrilling than this, but if not, you can join me in celebrating that we got a new paper shredder at work. Now that’s exciting!!


All I asked him to do was take care of a little recycling. Just one milk jug to be exact. Remove the lid, crush the container. Simple, right?

Except the him in this story is my 15-year-old son. Boys don’t take the simple route.

This is how it went down. I was minding my own business baking some banana bread. The afternoon was peaceful. Last I looked my son was playing computer games.

All I remember is being scared out of my wits. I gave a startled shout and instinctively whirled around to confront the source of the loud noise and something else I couldn’t quite place. I was looking straight into the wide, frightened eyes of my son. One glance down and everything registered.

Not one to be boring, my son decided it would be more fun to place the milk jug on the floor and jump on it. Yeah! That sounds like a good idea! No need to notice the direction the jug is pointed. No need to analyze the potential trajectory of the lid.  It only took a second for me to place the thing I couldn’t quite place before. Pain. In the butt. Not to be confused with my son, mind you.

After the shock wore off and the yelling ended, I just had to laugh.