Sweet Peas and Sweet Thoughts

My husband and I weren’t far into our walk this morning before I found a reason to stop. Growing by the side of the road were beautiful, delicate sweet peas. Even though they were growing amid wild blackberry bushes on a steep downward slope, I decided to gather enough to make a bouquet when we got home.


Although I tried to be careful, I was getting plenty of scratches. At one point I had to stop and pull out a large thorn from my leg which then proceeded to bleed. Man, I really wanted those flowers! After awhile, a couple of analogies formed in my mind.


I began to think how life is like my quest for those beautiful flowers. There is so much that is worth wading through thorns for. I thought of the pain I was willing to go through to have each of my precious children.



I thought of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Life can be full of pain and hardships, but a loving God gave us the Gospel to bring joy and beauty to this life and in the next.

I have been given more flowers than I can hold.


2 thoughts on “Sweet Peas and Sweet Thoughts

  1. Um, I think these things grow in front of my house. You will have to come look next summer and pick to your hearts content because they were so overgrown that Ben had to hack them back. um.. I think they are the same things as what you have pictured. I pretty only know what a daisy, dandelion and rose is.

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