Doesn’t Everyone Speak With An English Accent?

By popular demand (ok, one person), I’m going to share one of my delightful personality quirks – speaking with an affected accent.

The English accent is my most common. I’ve read  A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett to my youngest daughter with my English accent. I attempted Harry Potter the other day, but there were too many different characters, and I felt confined by the movie. The English pronunciation of words just sounds more refined. Which sounds better – schedule or shedule?  Tomato or tomawto? I’ve been known to greet my children when I get home from work with a hearty “Hello, Dawling!” instead of the more mundane “Hi kids!” My kids made fun of me for awhile, but eventually they succumbed. I love hearing them speak with their own delightful accents.

My former coworker mentioned once that he had attended an English boarding school. He said he picked up an accent when he was there. Since he didn’t speak with one, I wanted to hear his. He begged off saying that he couldn’t remember how. I immediately disagreed and responded, “How hard is it? All you have to say is Oh, dear. I’ve burned my crumpets!” My coworker doubled over in shock and laughter at my accent.

I’ve also attempted a French accent. I was talking with my coworkers how I wished I’d learned French in high school. Then I could say things like,”Oh, Da-ling! I want to hug and kees you all ov-air!

I tried an Eastern Europe type accent, but I’m not so good at it. My youngest has started speaking with a Southern accent. She especially enjoys speaking like a Southern preacher.

My brother and his girlfriend were able to get into an exclusive dance club when he pretended to be visiting from England. He spoke in an English accent and convinced the bouncer to let them in. (He also pretended to be deaf once and wiggled his fingers to his friend. People thought he was the real deal.) We took a trip to the beach with him once and he read the Davinci Code to us on the drive home. He was reading Agent Sophie Neveu’s lines in a male, French accent until we informed him that Sophie was a woman. He suddenly switched to a higher voice and continued on. It was quite the sex change.

Obviously, Icome from a family of quirky people.



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