Rather Unobservant

Disclaimer: this post could be considered slightly inappropriate. Anyone who knows me well won’t be surprised, but just want to be clear.

Surprisingly, one of the things I like about working is the commute. After the slight monotony of the highway, I enjoy looking at the businesses and people on the surface street that takes me to the office. Although I’m driving 35 mph (ok 40), I’ve taken passing notice of a store window that displays lingerie. The display changes periodically so it has managed to keep my attention.  Numerous times, I’ve thought to myself, “Oh, that’s cute” or “Maybe I should stop in sometime”.

After I don’t know how many months of driving to work, I finally looked higher than street level. Imagine my surprise when I realized that I’ve been window shopping at ‘Fantasy For Adults Only’. I immediately began to laugh hysterically as I imagined the scene of a middle aged, suburban woman parking her minivan in front of the store hoping to beat the morning rush. Then I laughed even more as I pictured my shocked face after entering the store and finally realizing where I was.

Ah…it’s the little things like this that keep me smiling.



5 Uses for Canning Jars

About a month or so ago at the Farmer’s Market, peaches were in season. I have been craving my mom’s canned peaches for a few years now, so on a whim I bought a box. I called my mom who agreed to come over and help me can them. I had already purchased jar lids and rings earlier, so all I needed to do was grab some pint jars from the barn. I have boxes and boxes of jars that I inherited from my mom and have never once used them.

I dumped out the bugs and loaded up the dishwasher while I waited for my mom to arrive. It didn’t take long for her to assess the situation. (I didn’t think I even had a ‘situation’ until she got here.) First, she glanced at my box of peaches and asked where the other boxes were. I told her that she was looking at it. (I didn’t want to be overzealous and all.) Then she took a close look at the fruit. She informed me that the peaches I bought were very ripe and wouldn’t can well. They needed to be more firm. Actually, she said the person who sold the peaches to me should be ashamed of themselves which just made me laugh. I could picture my mom giving the peach seller a serious talking to. 🙂

So what do you do when you have a box of overly ripe peaches and lots of canning jars unwrapped from storage? Well, you start slicing peaches to make a cobbler then you freeze the rest.

I’ve come up with a number of uses for the jars because I was too lazy to rewrap and store them again.


Use #1 – drinking glasses

I swore when we moved that I saw a brand new box of glasses, so I refuse to buy any.

Use #2 – store bulk nuts

I think I should make some granola.

Use #3 – store food from opened containers that don’t reseal well

Use #4 – store homemade pancake syrup

Brown sugar, powdered sugar, cornmeal, syrup

Use #5 – store bathroom supplies

I’m not sure if my husband likes it when I organize his stuff or not.


I suppose you could can peaches in them, but these ideas are much easier to implement.



My Daughter and Her Farm Family

“Seriously? Don’t you think it’s a little early for a photo shoot?”



“Is it time for my close up ’cause I think I need just a little more powder on my nose.”





Oh my gosh….
so adorable.



I feel a tear welling up at how happy my daughter is to be living here.

Note: all photos were taken by my daughter. They were just so cute, I had to share.