Cooking, Cleaning, and Washing the Dog

Now that the holidays are over, I’m really enjoying just being at home. I had the day off work today and actually had a great time just puttering and restoring order to my home. Last Saturday I cleaned the fridge and found that I had a Pillsbury pie crust that was expiring. (It’s amazing the things I find tucked away.) So I decided to make a flat apple pie for breakfast.



IMG_0362That’s carmel drizzled all over the apples and crust. Mmmmmm…..

Then it was time to put away the Christmas decorations and dishes from Christmas dinner.



That was easy enough. But then I decided that Ella, our Golden Retriever, was in desperate need of a bath. This time I thought maybe I could give her a shower. I kept the door open and started to get her all wet, but it didn’t take long for her to decide she’d had enough.

“Wait!”, I cried. “Just stay there for a minute!” I quickly stripped out of my clothes and hopped into the shower with her. Ok, at least she can’t escape now. I started the scrubbing and the dog hair started to cover the walls and me. I mean, ICK! What was I thinking?!

“Fine! You’re clean enough!!” I let her out, and she immediately shook water all over the bathroom. I stayed in trying to get the dog smell off of me. Ella stepped all over my clothes that I had so hurriedly discarded on the floor which meant I had to wrap in a towel and dry her off. The bathroom was just too wet. We both escaped to the kitchen where I met the surprised faces of my kids and husband.

“You got in the SHOWER with her??” they exclaimed.

“Yea, well, it seemed like a good idea.” And then I ran off to find clothes.

Next time I’m taking her to a professional groomer.

6 thoughts on “Cooking, Cleaning, and Washing the Dog

  1. Well, I think you should have just called it a clean the dog, bathroom and myself day. All three done in the buff.

  2. This is hilarious!! I love the peaceful way your blog/day started out – then all hooey broke loose! I do think you should have continued with pictures though … you quit too soon. 😉

  3. You’re right! A picture would’ve been perfect, but that would’ve required me to find the camera while still dripping all over the floor and then fumbling with my dog hair covered hands. 🙂

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