Trying Out Gluten Free

I’ve been doing a little research about fibromyalgia and have learned that many people who are gluten-intolerant have symptoms similar to mine; namely being tired, joint pain, brain fog, and mood extremes. For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been stocking up on foods that can be eaten on a gluten-free diet and have been gluten-free since Sunday. Since I love to bake and have very little self control, I’m not sure how long I’ll last, but thought I’d give it a shot. It certainly can’t hurt.

That being said, here’s how it’s gone so far. I’ve focused on eating more foods that I like that are naturally gluten-free such as fruit, salad, and meat. Since I really like Quaker Chocolate Crunch Rice Cakes anyway, I bought a few packages to keep on hand, too.

What has worried me most is all the foods I love that are wheat flour based. My first attempt at baking gluten-free was a recipe I love for using up lots of eggs: Dutch Babies. I used Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free All Purpose Flour.

Dutch Babies aka Puff Pancake

It wasn’t as puffy as it normally is but after dumping some sugar and fruit on top, I couldn’t taste the difference. (Sugar cures almost every ill.)

Now, without painting too many pictures of gluten-free rainbows and butterflies, I attempted to substitute gluten-free flour in my Fudgy Chocolate Cake recipe. Ummm….yucky.

Even with a bunch of powdered sugar on top.