Blogging Observations

I’ve been blogging for almost a month now and have made a personal observation. I’ve consistently read other blogs before, but never made any comments or followed a blog. Recently I discovered that it’s much easier to keep up with blogs if I just follow them. But here’s the rub…I feel a bit like a stalker. If I make a comment or follow a very popular and well known blog, I know I won’t stand out, but on a relatively new blog, I’m noticeable.

Is there some type of blog etiquette I should know about? Is there a line you can cross with comments where you go from being interested to sounding like….well, a stalker? Personally, I like it when readers make lots of sincere comments on my blog. It’s fun. But maybe not everyone feels that way.

All this just to say that I only make a comment or ‘like’ a blog if I really mean it. Whew…glad I got that off my chest.

A picture of my daughter's bunny. Just because.