It’s blackberry season, and I’ve been reading lots of posts about the joys of picking berries. I’ve enjoyed looking at cute pictures of little kids picking their first blackberries and delicious berries hanging on the vine.

We have wild blackberries growing along our property line. It’s kind of funny that I’ve lived in Oregon so long with blackberries growing everywhere, but never picked any until last year. My husband was helping me and laughing as I got tangled in vines and yelled “Ouch!” every few seconds. I didn’t realize that wearing shorts and a t-shirt is not the best berry picking attire.

This year, though, I was prepared. I went out this morning in my cute, cut-off, baby blue PJ’s, but added rubber boots and a long sleeve, green checked flannel shirt. I’m sure I was a sight for the neighbors. The goats have eaten most of the bushes, but they left plenty of juicy ones that were up high.



I squished some through a sieve to make instant blackberry syrup for my pancakes this morning. I froze the rest for a yogurt smoothie for tomorrow’s breakfast. Mmmm….can’t wait!

Lilly is curious, but the dogs are nearby and freaking her out a little.
Ella tried to sit still for a picture, but the temptation to eat the blackberry won.






4 thoughts on “Blackberries

    • Definitely try again next year! I know that I’d like to plant lots of berry bushes next year, too. I keep buying them in the freezer section to make yogurt smoothies, but I’d love to have my own. Then I could just walk out back and pick whatever I wanted.

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